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Counting King is a national chartered tax practice that helps companies with Grants, Tax Relief Incentives and Investment. The main aim is to scale and help grow innovative companies in the UK who are looking to disrupt their industry with a commercially viable technology, product, or process.  We can do this by utilising the vast array of Tax Reliefs, Accessing Grants, and looking at Investment within the relevant sectors. Helping you to get an injection of cash into your business can not only strengthen your business but also secure the longevity of the project.

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We have just had a fantastic experience with Counting King, they managed to successfully claim our R&D payment and the customer service, customer communication and professionalism has been second to none. Thank you Counting King

Joe Hamilton

I've only been with Counting King for a small while, and already they have saved me a lot of time, hassle and money.

On top of this, they throw great events and are the most fun bunch I've ever worked with that work in the world of taxes.

Stephen Bergin


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Having a customer-centric approach allows us to understand our client’s needs and help them on their journey. We understand business growth trajectories and how difficult they can be without proper support.


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We know we provide 1st class service but it is always nice to be appreciated and recognised for going above and beyond for our clients. We would love to show you this level of service and help your business.


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We are Tax & Funding experts, making it vital that we provide compliant and accurate advice. As chartered tax advisors, we abide by a regulatory body to ensure we provide the best service.

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How we helped a Window Manufacturer receive over
£500k in benefits from HMRC.

R&D Tax Credits


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Growth Journey

Amazing Ideas

You have an amazing idea and decide to set up a business. Let us help you with this stage and guide you with the best ways to do this.

Support & Grants

Sourcing, writing, and applying for grants can be difficult and time-consuming. We have spent time setting up a system to get notified about new grants and search for existing grants to help you.

Research & Development

Now you get to turn your idea into reality. Understanding the project should be your main focus, so let us take care of your accounting and the HMRC benefits you can claim.

Tax Incentives

Now you get to turn your idea into reality. Understanding the project should be your main focus, so let us take care of your accounting and the HMRC benefits you can claim.


By planning and getting through each level you are now at the point of growth and expansion.


 This is where you could become an investor in a partner company or look for investors in your business.

R&D Tax Credit


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Counting King R&D Tax Credits

We highly recommend that your company makes the most of the ‘HMRC’, the UK Government’s incentives, and the grants for Research and Development. This really should be an easy decision for every UK company or business. The incentives will provide a welcome cash injection to your business or a reduction in your tax burden.

There is a two-year deadline for an R&D Tax credit claim. This means you have a window; if this is your first year claiming or you didn’t know about this incentive previously you can go backward and claim for the previous year also.

To learn more about this incentive read through the Counting King R&D Tax Credit Brochure.

Use our R&D Tax Credits Calculator

Find Out How Much You Can Claim With Our FREE Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credits Calculator. You can even get the calculation emailed to you for future use.

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Learn about the process of claiming Research and Development Tax Relief