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What are the advantages of R&D Tax Credits?

  • Cash Injection 

    R&D Tax Credits can provide vital cash to small, medium and large UK limited companies.

  • Increase Competition

    The UK is known for its unrivaled innovation and is encouraging businesses to continue this trend and be a global leader.

  • Boost Innovation

    R&D Tax Credits are designed to encourage and boost innovation. Companies who may not have thought about R&D in the past can now receive the added benefit of tax credits.

  • Economic Growth

    For every £1 that is spent on R&D related projects, generates a net return of £2.65 for the UK economy.

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R&D Tax Credits FAQ's

Research and development tax credits is an incentive where UK Limited companies can receive a reduction or rebate on their corporation tax for monies spent on eligible R&D activities.

The research and development (R&D) tax credits incentive was established by the Government in 2000, supporting businesses of all different sizes to grow and helping the UK economy to grow through innovation.

Knowing which projects actually qualify for R&D tax relief (and those that don’t) and what expenses can be claimed (and those that can’t) are the areas where most companies are looking for advice. This is important to maximise the claim value.

What CAN be claimed for:

  • Utilities (Gas, Electricity, Water).
  • Salaries and Wages.
  • Employer’s NI Contributions.
  • Employer’s Pension Contributions.
  • Materials and wastage consumed during the project.
  • Prototypes created.
  • Subcontractors invoices.
  • Software Licenses.

Once the application has been produced and finalised by yourself, it is uploaded and submitted with your corporation tax return. As soon as HMRC receive the information it is sent to the specialist incentives unit whereby it is treated accordingly. The supporting information and calculations submitted are reviewed and processed within a timely manner. Tax reductions are processed immediately and will show up within 24 hours. Tax repayments or payable credits are issued within 4 weeks and depending on the method chosen, you can expect a bank deposit or a cheque in the post.