Welcome to the penultimate part of our 5 part series on the benefits of Invoice Finance. You can always refer back to the main blog on the Benefits of Invoice Finance here.

We all know that business runs smoother (and frankly is a lot less stressful) when you have good relationships with your suppliers.

Here’s our take on why:

  1. Increased Efficiency: A good relationship with suppliers fosters better communication and understanding, which can lead to increased efficiency in the supply chain.

  2. Cost Savings and Reduced Delays: Strong supplier relationships can lead to cost savings, reduced availability problems, and fewer delays or quality issues. This is because suppliers are more likely to prioritise businesses they have a good relationship with, and work closely with them to prevent any potential issues.

  3. Maximising Value: Effective supplier relationship management allows businesses to get the most out of a key component of their corporate network, thereby maximising value.

  4. Attractive Deals and Discounts: Good supplier relationships can mean that businesses can take advantage of discounts and other attractive deals. Good payment discipline can prompt suppliers to offer businesses cash discounts and other benefits.

  5. Focus on What’s Important: Supplier relationship management allows businesses to focus on what’s critically important to them, ensuring that both parties understand and meet each other’s needs effectively.

  6. Lower Transactional Costs: Companies who develop strong supplier relationships will have lower overall transactional costs. With fewer suppliers to handle, the costs involved in setting up and managing these relationships can be significantly reduced.

In summary, improved supplier relationships in business can lead to increased efficiency, cost savings, reduced delays, maximised value, attractive deals and discounts, a greater focus on what’s important, and lower transactional costs. This emphasises the importance of not only maintaining good relationships with suppliers but also continually working to improve them.

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