About Counting King

Counting King is a national tax and funding practice that helps companies with their cash flow by sourcing grants, utilising government tax incentives or finance options such as business loans and more to help them scale and grow!

We focus on innovative companies who are seeking to expand and disrupt their respective industries which in turn will help the UK become a global leader and strengthen our economy. By finding products that invest in your business we believe we can help the UK compete and beat our European or global counterparts. If you and your business is looking for a cash injection a short conversation with one of our consultants could help you access thousands in funding.

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Meet The Team

Sam Dallow
Managing Director
Gary Hilton
Sales Director
James van Beusekom ​
Strategy Director
Robin Yeung
Head of Tax Services
Olivia Jones
HR Manager
Tom Ashmore
Strategic Development Manager
Amy Lindsay
Funding Services Executive
Philip Stapleton-Povey
Business Development Manager
Qasim Iqbal
Business Development Manager
Carl Nancekievill
Business Funding Consultant
Melonie Tuffour
Capital Allowance Consultant
Farah Khaliq
R&D Tax Manager
Leon Matthews
Analyst Team Leader
Ciaran O'Reilly
Analyst Team Leader
Owen Harvey
Senior Tax Analyst
Josh Penney
Senior Tax Analyst
Rhys Williams
Senior Tax Analyst
Maisha Maliha
Tax Analyst
Charlie Parker
Tax Analyst
Carlos Arribas Svendsen
Tax Analyst
James Thompson
Tax Analyst
Jen Brown
Client Account Manager
Sophie Warburton
Customer Care Manager
Maryam Mohamud
Customer Care
Luke Rutherford
Customer Care
Alivia Travers
Digital Marketing Executive
Ben Cullen
Product Development Manager
Euan Morgan
Product Development
Carol van Beusekom
Legal Counsel

Counting King’s ethos is rooted deeply in fostering growth and championing innovation. In an ever-evolving business landscape, many enterprises often overlook potential financial reservoirs that could dramatically elevate their operations.

Our dedicated team not only illuminates these avenues but also tailors solutions to fit each company’s unique requirements and aspirations. By bridging the gap between businesses and financial opportunities, we endeavour to play a pivotal role in the nation’s entrepreneurial success. As stewards of progress, we stand ready to partner with you, turning visions into actionable, financially sound realities.