• Treatment of R&D Tax Credits for Accountants.

    If any of your clients have innovated within the last 2 financial years then they could be eligible for Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credits which is designed to promote growth and stimulate the economy. R&D Tax Credits is a UK Government tax incentive that allows innovative companies to claim back a % of the […]

  • Can I apply for R&D tax credits myself?

    Businesses are able to apply for their own R&D tax credits themselves, however there can be a risk of doing so. Without getting the correct advice you are potentially missing out on all the full potential you can get from your claim. Take a look at the three biggest risk factors of applying for the […]

  • The PAYE Cap regarding R&D Tax Credits: Everything you need to know!

    From 1st April 2021, HMRC has reintroduced the PAYE Cap to the SME R&D Tax Credits incentive, which will potentially impact many start-ups and scaleups. In this blog we will discuss how the cap could affect your R&D tax claims and who is most at risk of being affected. HM Revenue & Customs has reintroduced […]

  • Never applied for R&D Tax Credits? You are definitely missing out.

    The pandemic has affected everyone in one way or another but we feel business owners have been hit particularly hard. The government has issued several incentives which have often been confusing or pulled without much notice and there are very few people who can help business owners navigate this field. If you have survived the […]