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Advance Assurance, EIS and SEIS

EIS, SEIS, SITR & VCT Advance Assurance enables companies to receive a provisional indication from HMRC whether they may be eligible to apply for tax relief for their investors. Advance Assurance was introduced by HMRC as full SEIS/EIS eligibility can only be granted by them after the investment has been made.

Advance Assurance was introduced to give investors assurance that their investments should be eligible based on the information they’ve been provided.

At Counting King, we recommend any company that wants to offer EIS or SEIS tax relief to provide HMRC Advance Assurance before we completing the investment round. This allows you to offer an extra layer of security and confidence for investors that an investment will be eligible for tax relief.

What is SEIS and why should you apply?

  • If your start-up is fundraising you’ll want to make yourself more investible.

  • The Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) and Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) help you do just that. EIS was the first of the two to be launched with SEIS emerging in 2012.

  • SEIS is a mechanism which entices investors to work with you and your company vs someone who may not be SEIS approved.

  • Demonstrate to potential investors that you are an astute business and can show the acumen not only to be savvy with your business plan and your business finances but also show that you are looking to offer investors more than your competitors.

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