Top R&D Investors


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Cloud Costs R&D Expenditure


Take A Look At Our New Blog Outlining What Cloud Costs You Will Be Able To Claim Under R&D Tax Credits From April 2023. Read Now.

R&D Largest Budget Increase

Counting King R&D Budget Increase

R&D Budget Increase, Largest To Date! Take A Look At Our Blog To See How This Budget Increase Is Going To Affect Your Claim! Read Now.

Everything You Need To Know About PAYE Cap

Counting King PAYE Blog

From 1st April 2021, HMRC has reintroduced the PAYE Cap to the SME R&D Tax Credits incentive, which will potentially impact many start-ups and scaleups. In this blog we will discuss how the cap could affect your R&D tax claims and who is most at risk of being affected.

Never Applied For R&D Tax Credits?

Counting King How Do I Apply For R&D Tax Credits? Blog

This article is targeted towards business owners who never applied for R&D Tax credits before. If you’re curious and want to know a little bit more before making any decisions, then this article is for you.

How Should R&D Tax Credits Be Treated Within Company Accounts?

Counting King R&D Tax Credits And Company Accounts Blog

Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credits within the SME scheme is accounted for in a straightforward manner. As R&D Tax Credits are non-taxable, they will only change the position of a company’s tax liability. Any Claims under the RDEC scheme will be recognised as above the line credits within the accounts and this has a positive effect on the company’s pre-tax profit.