UK Innovation Strategy

UK Innovation Strategy A recent government paper was published on 22nd July 2021 – titled ‘UK Innovation Strategy: leading the future by creating it’   What is the purpose of this strategy?   The government’s vision is for the UK to be a leading light for companies carrying out innovation. The government had announced that […]

Manufacturing case study

Looking for a Manufacturing case study? Start my claim Been told you don’t qualify? A window manufacturer, based in the heart West Yorkshire had previously attempted to claim through HMRC’s R&D Tax Incentive. However, having spoken to an R&D Tax advisory firm over a 10minute phone conversation it was determined by the advisor that there […]

Everything you need to know about PAYE Cap

Looking for a Everything you need to know about PAYE Cap Start my claim Everything you need to know about the PAYE cap! From 1st April 2021, HMRC has reintroduced the PAYE Cap to the SME R&D Tax Credits incentive, which will potentially impact many start-ups and scaleups. In this blog we will discuss how […]

Never Applied for R&D Tax Credits?

Welcome to Counting King Never applied for R&D Tax Credits? You are missing out! Start my claim Don’t miss out on potential cash! Claim R&D Tax Credit As you all know, the pandemic has impacted everyone in one way or another. Today, we are here for business owners who have been affected through the various […]

How should R&D Tax Credits be treated within company accounts?

Welcome to Counting King R&D Tax Credits and company accounts All that you need to know Start my claim How should R&D Tax Credits be treated within company accounts? Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credits within the SME scheme is accounted for in a straightforward manner. As R&D Tax Credits are non-taxable, they will only […]