We Value Your Recommendation

If you have a contact within a company that you think may qualify for R&D tax credits then we would love to hear about it! As soon as one of our R&D experts have confirmed the company is eligible and has secured their R&D tax credits, we will share our fee with you.

What will you receive as a counting king referral partner?

How we work with our referral partners

  • Getting to know you and your referral

    We first try to identify the relationship you currently have with the company you are referring to us. This is important as we only want to enhance this and add value. We only contact the company and point of contact when you say it is the right time to do so, and we are not a sales team. We don’t hassle and bother as we know from experience this can be off-putting. Once this is established, we have can confidently get in touch and explain what we offer and how much this could be potentially worth to them.

  • How we help your referral

    As soon as we have received your referral, our priority is to bring our team up to speed with the types of innovation they have developed. With this in mind, it allows us to confirm what aspects are eligible and scope the full extent of R&D they have undertaken. This approach allows us to carefully prepare an application which will be submitted to HMRC with all aspects considered and allow us to maximise the value your referral will receive. Preparing an in depth preliminary review, we can mitigate as much risk as possible which promotes a safe and comfortable relationship knowing that your referral is in safe hands.

  • Keeping in touch

    You will always know where your referrals application is up to by either liaising with your dedicated R&D Consultant or by accessing your specially designed partner portal which illustrates all of your referrals, where they are up to and what is needed to progress them. You can even opt for monthly email reports which show you exactly where your clients are up to at a quick glance. We establish how often you would like to be updated and only contact you when it is necessary and convenient for you.

  • Informative Training on the incentive and legislation updates when needed.

    We are happy to offer practice training where we can help your team spot opportunities to further add value to your client base. This can be group sessions or one on one depending on your preference. If the legislation changes, you will always be kept up to date via our knowledge base or your R&D Consultant.

  • The Rewards

    By referring clients to ourselves benefits all parties. Your client receives a generous tax benefit and in some scenarios a cash payment from HMRC. It adds value between you and your client, that they know you are always looking out for them and their business. For a relatively quick referral, you will receive a generous proportion of our service charge (up to 25%) which will more than cover the time it takes to send the referral and financial documents. You will be able to watch your clients business grow and prosper through turbulent times. By making your clients position stronger, they will become more competitive and may lean on your expertise for expansion plans which will increase your annual fees.

What our clients say…

Why Partner with Counting King R&D Tax Credit Specialists?

  • Provide Added value to your clients

  • Strengthen your reputation

  • Stop other accounting firms poaching your clients for R&D and other compliance led work.

  • Create an additional revenue stream for your practice with very little work!

Counting King are trusted experts in the industry who understand you, HMRC and your clients goals and work hard to strike a balance which makes everyone happy and compliant!

100% success rate with an average claim size over £65,000.

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