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Examples of qualifying R&D Tax Credits projects in Construction:

Developing an enhanced version of a system that is already on the market. 

If you have developed a new machine that improves productivity and it’s one of its kind.

If you are creating or experimenting with new materials, you could qualify to claim. Remember, even if you have worked on developing a new material that’s lighter/more endurable etc. but you haven’t been successful, you could still claim for your costs.

Designing and manufacturing a product to overcoming issues that are presented within a specific industry (gap in the market).

Developing completely new technical features, functions which are currently unavailable.

You can claim R&D on creating or improving existing construction techniques. If you have developed a new process that allows you to construct in a more efficient way etc. then your project most likely qualifies.

As per HMRC’s guidelines, a project does not have to be successfully completed for it to be classed as qualifying under the R&D Tax Incentive.
Failed projects, where the technical uncertainties could not be overcome and no workaround created, can still qualify under the incentive as long as the work carried out falls within the criteria.

How Does Counting King Handle My Claim?

The process is simple:

Discovery meeting

We will always conduct a discovery meeting to talk you through the incentive, explain our process, and establish whether your company carried out eligible research and development activity.

Site visit​

During the second stage, we will visit your site and conduct informal interviews with key personnel to gain a deeper understand of the business for the technical report. We will also ask for your up-to-date financial data for our in-house analysis.

Benefit Analysis

We will conduct our research and development benefit analysis, where we assess all eligible costs and calculate your maximum benefit.


We will submit your claim to HMRC within 2 weeks of securing all completed documents. HMRC will process your payable credit claim and pay out the benefit within 28 days. In the case of HMRC requiring additional information, Counting King will oversee this process.

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