How Can I Reduce Emissions In My Business?

How Can I Reduce Emissions In My Business?

How Can AyMa IoT Help You Reduce Emissions

AyMa IoT have developed a new system to monitor the emissions created by the activities of any business. This includes offices and workforce, travel, production processes, and supply chain – this all makes up the business’s carbon footprint.  

They know the main challenge is finding it and measuring it; only then can you control it, change it and find ways to save emissions. 

Only when you understand the activity and the consumption of energy for your business, can you find ways to change the activities to reduce your carbon footprint. By doing this you not only help to save the planet, but you also increase efficiency and reduce the spending of your business.

By understanding your CO2 emitters and how much they’re costing your business, allows you to make an informed decision on how you can reduce your costs via tax incentives to begin your journey to carbon neutrality. The idea behind IPSUM is to help companies with a simple financial incentive to lower their emissions. 

AyMa IoT’s software platform, IPSUM enables you to monitor all your energy-use points through a single view. It gives you 360° visibility across your carbon efficiency; pinpointing anomalies and action areas when and where they arise. This enables you to avoid energy waste, reduce your carbon footprint, costs, and it complies with regulations. 

IPSUM can provide combined reporting of your supply and value chain, where third-party permission can be obtained and is legally required.  

The data is displayed on the IPSUM dashboard, through a secure portal, accessible 24/7/365. Data can be visualised or downloaded in a templated format ready for use. 


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