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We work with numerous Investment Companies and individuals. Each is looking for businesses to support. If you have any questions or would like an introduction to one of our investors please send us an email with your requirements. We will always do our best to match you with somebody that shares the same principles and goals.

Meet some of our investment companies

Counting King Investors-Overfunded


By making your offer attractive, you maximize your chances of getting a response, feedback, and investment.

Average Investment

£1k - £250k

Counting King Infinite-Ventures

Infinite Ventures

Being openminded and forward thinking is what helps us to grow. We are always looking to work with like minded people.

Average Investment

£1k - £250k

Counting King HDH

HDH Accountants

Understanding all of the financial implications of business we like to add more than just money to build a business.

Average Investment

£1k - £250k

The simple steps to growing your business

Get Investment


You have an amazing idea and decide to grow your business. You need investment to support you. WE have a panel of investors and want the chance to get the best result for both of you.

Meet Investors

Review the investors we have or specify something else and we can go through our connections to see if we have somebody who might fit your requirements. We only recommend a true fit.

Sign a Deal

Once you have signed up with an investor we can help with the processes of keeping everything legal and financially correct for both parties. Contact us to find out more about our services.

Are you interested in becoming a Partner Investor?

For more information on becoming an Investor in a range of innovative businesses and what you would be looking for, email us.

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We operate nationwide for a range of services and would love to help if possible.

Our highly-trained consultants and analysts will look after you and all of your referrals so well, they will thank you for introducing us!

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