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The Counting King team has been operating in Salford, Greater Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds since 2018. We have grown a great loyal client base and we can’t wait to hear how we can support you and your company with your claim. With over 11 years of experience in Research and Development Tax Credits, we can provide you with top industry knowledge on how to maximise your claim today.

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We are confident that our analysts and consultants can answer any question you throw their way. With over 11 years of experience in this field, we truly are the experts.

Our average claim value is £55,000, so just imagine what this amount of money could do for your growth.

You get to decide how long you would like to work with us. Unlike other R&D consultants, we won’t tie you into a contract for several years, instead, we offer 12 month rolling contracts. We are that confident that you’d like to stay with us.

Cashflow issues? Not a problem. We will only ask for our fee once HMRC has processed your benefit.

Not enough? We also run a partner program, so if you know anyone who might be eligible to claim Research and Development Tax Credits we will give you a 20% commission every year they stay with us!

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How Do I Apply For Research And Development Tax Relief?

  • Make sure you qualify first
  • Produce a technical report
  • Provide evidence and calculations to support your claim
  • OR contact tax specialists like ourselves who will take care of everything mentioned above
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What Costs Qualify For Research And Development Tax?

  • Salaries and wages
  • Employer’s NI Contributions
  • Employer’s Pension Contributions
  • Materials and wastage consumed during the project
  • Prototypes created
  • Subcontractors’ invoices
  • Software licenses
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Research And Development Tax Explained

In this video we give you a quick overview of what research and development tax is and what activity your company needs to be undertaking to qualify for the incentive.

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How Do I Work With Counting King?

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Discovery meeting

We will always conduct a discovery meeting to talk you through the incentive, explain our process, and establish whether your company carried out eligible research and development activity.

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Site visit

During the second stage, we will visit your site and conduct informal interviews with key personnel to gain a deeper understand of the business for the technical report. We will also ask for your up-to-date financial data for our in-house analysis.

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Benefit analysis

We will conduct our research and development benefit analysis, where we assess all eligible costs and calculate your maximum benefit.

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We will submit your claim to HMRC within 2 weeks of securing all completed documents. HMRC will process your payable credit claim and pay out the benefit within 28 days. In the case of HMRC requiring additional information, Counting King will oversee this process.


Frequently asked questions.

Not to worry. We have perfected the craft of phone and zoom meetings, and we also have consultants based around the country, so if you need a face to face meeting don’t worry, one of our consultants will come out and see you. There really is nothing to worry about. 

  1. Creating new products, processes or services.
  2. Developing a prototype.
  3. Developing or improving existing software/prototype and/or service.

R&D Tax Credits stands for research and development. It is a government incentive that was introduced in 2000 by the government, to encourage companies to invest in R&D.

It allows companies to reduce their tax bill or claim payable cash credits.

  1. By the HMRC definition, Research and Development activities that qualify must work towards the advancement of science or technology.
  2. This includes, but is not limited to: utilising technology, improving existing products, software advancement/development, integrating existing components in brand new solutions.

This depends on multiple factors. 

If you are claiming under the SME incentive, then you are eligible to claim anywhere between 15% and 33% for your qualifying costs. This is determined by factors such as turnover and staff count.

If you are a large company, then you will qualify under the RDEC branch of the scheme, and you’ll be able to claim 13% of your qualifying expenditure. This benefit will be in the form of tax credits. 

In theory, HMRC will process your R&D Tax Credits claim within 28 working days. However, this can very based on peak periods, workloads and resource availability. 

If you decide to use Counting King for your R&D Tax Credits claim, we will submit all documentation to HMRC within 2 weeks of receiving all relevant information from you. 

You can claim Research and Development Tax Credits for up to 2 years after the accounting period has ended, for the time it is associated with.

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