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SME R&D Tax Credit Calculator

Most companies will fall under the SME bracket however, the calculation will vary depending on whether you are a profit or a loss-making company. Use our R&D Tax Credits Calculator for a quick and easy estimate. Here’s more of what you need to know about the SME incentive:

  • If you are a profit-making company, you will see your benefit in the form of reduction to your Corporate Tax bill. The rate for this is 25%.
  • For a loss-making company, you will receive the benefit in the form of a cash rebate as you don’t have a tax liability to offset.

RDEC R&D Tax Credit Calculator

Predominantly large companies fall under the RDEC (Research and Development Expenditure Credit) branch of the incentive. However, the RDEC incentive is still available for SMEs who are unable to claim through the traditional SME route. 

  • RDEC claims are paid as a taxable credit which equates to 13% of your eligible R&D costs. The net cash benefit after tax is 11%.
  • The tax benefit can be utilised to reduce to reduce your corporation tax bill or in loss-making scenarios, you will receive a cash credit from HMRC. 

How to calculate your R&D Tax Credit Claim?

As a simplified example; if a SME had developers working exclusively on an eligible R&D projects and paid them a total of £150,000 per year, they could use the incentive to record the expensive at £345,000 (230%x£150,000). The additional £195,000 of the expenses would mean the company’s taxable profit would be reduced. 

The calculation shows how this affects a profitable company; £29,625 from corporation tax savings and the payable tax credit. In total they would receive back 19.75% of their R&D investment. If you are not eligible to claim the relief as an SME, you might still be able to claim under the RDEC incentive. 

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R&D Tax Credits Calculation for SME

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£29,625 potential payment from HMRC.