Creative Tax Relief

Find out more about creative tax relief and how much you can claim

Creative Tax Relief

There is a range of Creative Tax Reliefs offering different incentives to help with your creative growth. Learn about the incentives.


Animation Tax Relief ​

The Animation Tax Relief was first introduced to encourage innovative animation companies to continue investing in the sector and carry on with the innovation of new technologies that aid the sector as a whole. This is one of the creative tax incentives where the eligibility criteria require companies that want to claim to pass the cultural test which is accredited by The British Film Institute. 

Children’s TV Tax Relief ​

This Tax Relief was introduced to support the market that falls in between High End TV Tax Relief and Animation Tax Relief. The Children’s TV Tax Relief allows companies and producers that work in the sector to claim up to 80% of the total production budget and there is also no cap on the amount that can be claimed. Find out more about eligibility criteria and how much you can claim today.

Film Tax Relief​

The Film Tax Relief incentive was first introduced in 2007 to encourage film production companies to continue investing in the sector, whilst boosting the economy through job creation. Companies that are subject to Corporation Tax are eligible to claim up to 25% on the expenditure that qualifies, this relief is received in the form of a payable credit. Film Tax Relief offers a payable credit of up to 80% of your qualifying expenditure.

High End TV Tax Relief ​

High End TV Tax Relief was first introduced by the government in 2013. It allows companies that have passed the cultural test, that also produce TV programmes with the intent of broadcast, to claim back up to 25% of their qualifying costs back, with the aim for that money to be re-invested for further innovation. The main aim of the incentive is to promote innovation, grow the creative TV sector and to boost employment.

Museums & Galleries Tax Relief​

This incentive was first introduced in 2017 and it is targeted at both non-touring and touring museums and galleries. Eligible touring companies are able to claim up to £100,000 or up to 25% of their qualifying expenditure, with the incentive reducing to £80,000 or 20% of qualifying expenditure for non-touring companies. Take a look at our museums and galleries page to find out more about eligibility and how the incentive can help you. 

Orchestra Tax Relief​

Orchestra Tax Relief offers a tax relief on pre-production activity that focuses on the creation of concerts. The relief can be claimed for orchestras, groups, ensembles as well as bands. One of the qualifying factors for the Orchestra Tax Relief is the requirement for your company to be responsible for its own contract negotiation - take a look at our page to learn more about eligibility and the process for claiming looks for Counting King clients.

Theatre Tax Relief

Theatre Tax Relief was first introduced to support producers and production houses that are subject to Corporation Tax with their dramatic productions, and it offers a tax relief of 20%-25% for their qualifying pre-production costs. This is the only creative tax relief that allows companies and producers to claim if they are already taking advantage of other Corporation Tax Reliefs.

Video Game Tax Relief​

If your company designs, develops or tests video games, then it sounds like you could be eligible for Video Game Tax Relief! The incentive offers a tax rebate of up to 20% of your costs that were incurred during the production time of your video game. If you would like to know more about what costs are classed as qualifying expenditure and what you can claim for, take a look at our page today.

Counting King Creative Tax Reliefs

There are lots of Creative companies that are working in the UK and we love working with them to help them reduce their tax payments and get government incentives. 

To learn more about this incentive read through the Counting King Creative Tax Reliefs Brochure.

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