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R&D Tax Credit

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How much could you claim?

SME’s & Large companies in the UK can potentially claim thousands in R&D Tax Credits. To be eligible it doesn’t matter if your company is profitable or loss making, providing you are attempting an innovative project from a technological or scientific stand point. 

Some companies falsely assume that if their project fails they cannot claim for these costs but this isn’t true. Any costs incurred attempting R&D under the guidelines can be attributed towards your annual claim. 

Typical costs that can be included:

  • Staff Time

    PAYE, Employers NI & Employers Pension contributions can all be added to costs incurred based on the hours worked on projects throughout the year.

  • Sub Contractors

    Hiring expertise in the form of sub contractors to work on part or all of a project can also be included.

  • Software Licences

    During your R&D project you may need to subscribe or purchase a specific piece of software to aid with the overall project. If this is specifically purchased for a project you may be able to include these costs.

  • Materials & Wastage

    It is common when working on physical prototypes, hardware, mouldings, tooling etc to have an element of wastage. These costs can quickly mount up.

  • Utilities

    For some companies this could be a modest amount but many clients are surprised when we uncover a significant portion can be attributed to R&D activity.

  • Reimbursed Travel Expenses

    If you are working with 3rd parties in China or India for example, any eligible travel expenses which are treated correctly can be also claimed for.


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SME R&D Tax Credit Calculator

Most companies will fall under the SME bracket however, the calculation will vary depending on whether you are a profit or a loss-making company. Use our R&D Tax Credits Calculator for a quick and easy estimate. Here’s more of what you need to know about the SME incentive:

  • If you are a profit-making company, you will see your benefit in the form of reduction to your Corporate Tax bill. The rate for this is 25%.
  • For a loss-making company, you will receive the benefit in the form of a cash rebate as you don’t have a tax liability to offset.

RDEC R&D Tax Credit Calculator

Predominantly large companies fall under the RDEC (Research and Development Expenditure Credit) branch of the incentive. However, the RDEC incentive is still available for SMEs who are unable to claim through the traditional SME route. 

  • RDEC claims are paid as a taxable credit which equates to 13% of your eligible R&D costs. The net cash benefit after tax is 11%.
  • The tax benefit can be utilised to reduce to reduce your corporation tax bill or in loss-making scenarios, you will receive a cash credit from HMRC. 

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How to calculate your R&D Tax Credit Claim?

An example of a profitable company making an R&D Claim:

  • The Company Turnover is £1.5m
  • The company makes a profit of £250k
  • Corporation tax owed at 19% is £47,500

After work was carried out, we uncover the company has spent £100k on R&D-related activity.

HMRC’s incentive allows you to enhance these costs by 130% turning your £100k to £130k enhanced R&D spend. 

This means that they get a reduction in their corporation tax liability. 

Their benefit is calculated as follows:

£250k net profit –  £130k enhanced R&D costs = £120k

  • 19% of £120k =£22,800 revised corporation tax bill
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