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Accommodation & Food

Find out more about how you could claim for being innovative with your solutions to everchanging food regulations.

Admin & Support Services

Take a look at what classes as R&D in Admin & Support services so you don’t miss out on additional cash for your business.

Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing

Learn more about innovative activity within your sector and whether your development qualifies for R&D Tax Credits.

Arts, Entertainment & Recreation

Unsure as to what qualifies in your sector? Take a look at our page to learn more eligible activity and how to claim!


Learn more about eligibility criteria, qualifying activity, and more within construction. Don’t miss out on a cash injection for your business.


Find out whether your research and development within the education sector qualifies for R&D Tax Credits here! Take a look today.

Electricity, Gas, Steam & Air Conditioning

Learn more about what qualifies as R&D in your sector and claim back for your development today!


Electronics is a rich research and development sector. Learn more on qualifying activity and how much you could claim from the incentive.

Energy Services

Working on being more sustainable? You could qualify! Learn more about energy services and what qualifies in this sector.


Unsure whether your development in engineering qualifies for R&D Tax Credits? Take a look at our engineering R&D page to find out.

Financial Services

Working on incorporating AI or algorithms in financial services? You could be eligible to claim R&D Tax Credits, find out here.

Food & Drink Manufacture

Working on altering recipes to remove gluten or dairy? You could be eligible to claim for your invention.

Health & Social Work

Learn whether your invention in Health & Social care qualifies for the R&D Tax Credit incentive today.

Information & Communication

Information & Communication sector is full of R&D. Find out if you’re eligible to claim.


Work in the insurance sector? Learn if you qualify for R&D Tax credits here and start your claim!

M&E Services

Find out if your work qualifies and how you can work with Counting King to claim your money back.


Manufacturing always falls within the top 10 for R&D claims. Find out if your activity is eligible for the incentive!

Mining & Quarrying

Although R&D claims in this sector are rare, £2.5m has already been claimed so find out if you’re eligible today!


Developed new drugs, adapted new ones, or discovered something new in pharmaceuticals? Claim for your R&D!

Professional, Scientific & Technical

With an average claim reaching £77,153 find out if your activity qualifies!

Public Admin, Defence & Social Services

Learn more about what qualifies in your sector so that you don’t miss out on additional cash for your business!

Real Estate

Have you created an app or developed an online marketplace? Learn more about eligibility and how you can claim with Counting King!

Retail & Wholesale

Find out more about what you can claim for and whether your business is eligible for R&D Tax Credits here! Don't miss out on additional cash.

Software & Technology

Working on cyber security, machine learning, AI, or more? You could claim for your work! Find out if you’re eligible here.

Water, Sewerage & Waste

Unsure whether your activity qualifies for R&D Tax Credits? Find out more about your sector’s activity here.

Transport & Logistics

Learn how you can claim for your development in transport and logistics, and whether your activity qualifies for R&D Tax Credits!

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