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R&D Tax Credits Explained

The Research and Development, R and D or R&D Tax Credits was introduced in 2000 as a government incentive as a way to reward UK Limited Companies. The benefit was to provide reductions or rebates of Corporation Tax for eligible Research and Development (R&D) activities. This benefits both profit and loss-making companies that are working on R&D projects. The rate varies depending on a few key factors, but the calculator can give you a rough idea of the benefit you are owed for the tax you have already paid. You should have your documents submitted by a qualified agent registered with HMRC after checking them.

Some people are taking advantage of this and inflating their claim hoping that they will and sometimes do get passed… but there is a risk that this will get flagged now or in the future and then you will be subjected to a compliance check which is normally due to something being missed. If there are red flags then HMRC may file an inquiry which would be a more intrusive dig into the companies finances. This could have a much larger effect on your business and the businesses you partner with.

Whilst this benefit is active there is no reason why you shouldn’t claim back the tax you are paying. If you qualify for any of the large number of R&D incentives, it is a simple process to get more money back into the business. It is worth seeing if you qualify and also seeing how much benefit your business could claim.

Look below at some of the sectors this applies to and get an understanding of how for a few hours of your time you could earn thousands back from HMRC. The average R&D tax credit claim currently is approximately £55k. Our quick calculator can give you a rough idea if you are aware of your spending on R&D for the year in question. Get in touch with us today so you do not miss out on potentially thousands of pounds that can be re-invested into your business!


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Eligible R&D Tax Credits Sectors

Software Development R&D

Software Development

There are lots of projects within the software and technology industry who qualify for R&D Tax Credits.

Average Claim Value


Agriculture R&D Claim


Advances in agriculture have lead to new types of robotics, eco friendly crops and sustainable alternatives.

Average Claim Value


Professional, Scientific & Technical R&D

Professional, Scientific & Technical

Science never stops looking for new or better treatments, vaccines or cures!

Average Claim Value


Manufacturing & Engineering R&D

Manufacturing & Engineering

Engineering new solutions or creating better processes underpins future growth.

Average Claim Value


Construction R&D Claim


Merging old practices with new technologies can be tricky. In many circumstances bespoke solutions are created.

Average Claim Value


Transport & Logistics R&D Claim

Transport & Logistics

Learn how innovative the logistics industry is and what lengths they will go to be increase efficiency.

Average Claim Value


Is your business eligible for R&D Tax Credits?

If your company undertakes challenging projects that encounter challenges and uncertainties that need to be overcome using technological or scientific principles or solutions, you will likely qualify under the R&D Tax Credit Incentive.

Examples of qualifying R&D Tax Credits projects:

Developing an enhanced version of a physical product that is currently on the market.

Designing and coding a novel application that alerts you to dietary requirement friendly restaurants nearby to your current location.

Using materials in a new way to achieve greater efficiency or functionality.

Designing and manufacturing a product to overcoming issues that are presented within a specific industry (gap in the market).

Developing completely new technical features, functions which are currently unavailable.

Development of unique products to deliver state-of-the-art facilities.

As per HMRC’s guidelines, a project does not have to be successfully completed for it to be classed as qualifying under the R&D Tax Incentive.
Failed projects, where the technical uncertainties could not be overcome and no workaround created, can still qualify under the incentive as long as the work carried out falls within the criteria.

Which Area Of The R&D Tax Credits Incentive Is Right For Me And My Business?

There are two sections to the R&D Tax Credit incentive from HMRC which your business will fall into. Either Small & Medium Enterprises SME Scheme or the Research and Development Expenditure RDEC Scheme. We are happy to explain if your business falls into either scheme.

SME R&D Tax Credits Counting King Engineer,In,The,Factory
RDEC R&D Tax Credits Counting King R&D Industry,,Technology,,Borough,Of,Industry,,Factory,,Automated

SME Scheme R&D Tax Credits

Based on £100k of R&D Costs you could potentially receive:


(If Profitable)


(If Loss Making)

RDEC Scheme R&D Tax Credits

Based on £100k of R&D Costs you could potentially receive:


(Processed as an Expenditure Credit)

Still unsure which R&D Tax Credits incentive is right for you?

Our R&D Tax Credits Claim Results

We have already helped hundreds of companies benefit from the R&D Tax Incentive, accounting for £millions in benefit for our clients.

Trusted and respected advisors on hand at every step of the application to ensure you are always 100% comfortable.

We hire Ex-HMRC Consultants & IP / Patent Lawyers to ensure our work is of the highest standards

We partner with respected organisations such as the Growth Hub & Multiple Local Authorities as they trust the standard we set.

R&D Tax Credits Counting King

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How Does Counting King Handle My R&D Tax Credit Claim?

The process is simple:

Discovery meeting

We will always conduct a discovery meeting to talk you through the incentive, explain our process, and establish whether your company carried out eligible research and development activity.

Site visit​

During the second stage, we will visit your site and conduct informal interviews with key personnel to gain a deeper understand of the business for the technical report. We will also ask for your up-to-date financial data for our in-house analysis.

Benefit Analysis

We will conduct our research and development benefit analysis, where we assess all eligible costs and calculate your maximum benefit.


We will submit your tax credit claim to HMRC within 2 weeks of securing all completed documents. HMRC will process your payable credit claim and pay out the benefit within 28 days. In the case of HMRC requiring additional information, Counting King will oversee this process.

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Quick Q&A

Research and development tax credits is an incentive where UK Limited companies can receive a reduction or rebate on their corporation tax for monies spent on eligible R&D activities.

The research and development (R&D) tax credits incentive was established by the Government in 2000, supporting businesses of all different sizes to grow and helping the UK economy to grow through innovation.

First you need to ensure you qualify for the incentive. Then you need to produce the technical reports, evidence and calculations to support your claim. This can be quite intensive and if you make any mistakes you may run the risk of HMRC asking for additional information.

Alternatively, you can contact a specialist tax advisory firm such as ourselves who not only produce all of the above, will walk you through the process and safe guard you and your company to make sure you stay compliant.

HMRC aims to deal with 95% of payable tax credit claims

within 28 days of receiving the claim. There are certain times of year or situations that increase this time such as popular years like March & December or when HMRC is under increased workload pressure such as furlough etc.

Counting King R&D Tax Credit

We highly recommend that your company makes the most of the ‘HMRC’, the UK Government’s incentives, and the grants for Research and Development. This really should be an easy decision for every UK company or business. The incentives will provide a welcome cash injection to your business or a reduction in your tax burden.

There is a two-year deadline for an R&D Tax credit claim. This means you have a window; if this is your first year claiming or you didn’t know about this incentive previously you can go backward and claim for the previous year also.

To learn more about this incentive read through the Counting King R&D Tax Credit Brochure.

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