The Untapped Potential of R&D Tax Credits for the Construction Industry

The Untapped Potential of R&D Tax Credits for the Construction Industry

Let’s get right to the point – securing business tax credits in the construction industry can be a nightmare. High business failure rates, extended payment terms, and complicated contracts create a financial labyrinth that can be a real headache. However, there may be a solution in the form of R&D tax credits, which has the potential to be a game-changer. 


Clarifying the Complexity for Construction

Too many construction businesses are left in the dark when it comes to what qualifies for R&D tax credits due to bad advice or a lack of information. At Counting King, we believe in supporting construction businesses seeking R&D tax credits. It can make a world of difference, and it should. That’s why we don’t place unnecessary bans or restrictions on these claims. We aim to help you get the needed resources by providing fair and unbiased support. 


Breaking Free from Constraints 

Many construction businesses face a common problem – dealing with rules that limit how much money they can spend on projects. Advisors often set these limits based on their past experiences rather than according to HMRC. These limits can stop construction businesses from getting all the money they can. Counting King does things differently. They look at each project and decide how much money it deserves without arbitrary limits. This way, construction businesses can cash in on the benefits they deserve.  


Beyond Success 

Securing the R&D fund is not just for successful projects. You can still benefit even if a project doesn’t go as planned. Counting King ensures that construction businesses know if they qualify for R&D, whether the project is a hit or a miss. Every effort to innovate should be recognised. 


Here are some often-overlooked project ideas that qualify for R&D tax credits in construction: 

  1. Sustainable Construction Methods: Innovations in eco-friendly techniques that reduce carbon footprints and enhance energy efficiency qualify for R&D tax credits for sustainable construction methods. 
  1. Construction Efficiency: Efforts to increase efficiency through advanced technology or modular construction are eligible for tax credits. 
  1. Bespoke Machinery: Developing machinery to tackle specific construction challenges warrants R&D tax credits. 
  1. Groundbreaking Materials: Experimenting with new construction materials that excel in durability, water resistance, or lightweight properties qualifies for R&D tax credits. 


The UK construction industry needs more financial support, and R&D tax credits stand out as a game-changer. Counting King is here to dispel myths, eliminate constraints, and highlight the concealed R&D gems, providing construction businesses with the boost they deserve. It’s time to recognise your innovative strength and seize new opportunities. 


Find out how Counting King can make R&D tax credits work for your construction business. Book a quick chat with one of our experts. 


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